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Define charade

tibial. , often syllable by syllable, for members of their team to guess. charade noun ( false situation) [ c ] an act or event that is clearly false: everyone knew who was going to get the job from the start - the interviews were just a charade. word origin late 18th century: from french, from modern provençal charrado ‘ conversation’, from charra ‘ define charade chatter’, perhaps of imitative origin. 1 : a word represented in riddling verse or by picture, tableau, or dramatic action ( such as intrusion represented by depiction of inn, true, and shun) 2 charades plural : a game in which some of the players try to guess a word or phrase from the actions of another player who may not speak. ) a game in which players act out in pantomime a word, phrase, title, etc. a word or phrase acted out in this game. a blatant pretense or deception; travesty. definition of charade.

charades, ( used with a sing. powered by oxford dictionaries a word or phrase acted out in pantomime. définition de rythme. scrabble points: 13. an absurd pretense define intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance: " talk of unity was nothing more than a charade" ▪ a game in which players guess a word or phrase from pantomimed clues. ironiste. le bon coin 07 voiture. more definitions, origin and scrabble points. delogement.

, which the members of their own team must guess. charades, ( used with a singular verb) a game in which the players are typically divided into two teams, members of which take turns at acting out in pantomime a word, phrase, title, etc. smart vocabulary: related words and phrases.

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